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Dream Weavers by HoneyHeartStudios Dream Weavers by HoneyHeartStudios

Hello fellow furry friends!
I have started up a new furry species with a dear friend of mine. We are so far based on Facebook but may expand soon. Our species are dream inspired creatures and we are looking for new members to join and make their own! Dream Weavers have many ranks and titles and the free to make/own option is the Omegas. Other ranks and prices are in the list below. Dream weavers can either be 'dream' or 'nightmare' each having whatever powers they are. The marking colours differ between the two as does the features in the guide (Guide can be found in the pinned post in the Facebook group). The higher the rank the longer the horns and tails, the stronger the magic, taller/bigger they are and more features available. Omegas have a free to use base in both PSD and PNG files. (Also found on the FB group)

Omega: Free
Beta: $10 AUD
Regal: $20 AUD
Imperial: $30 AUD
Holy: Unattainable (only admins/owners)
(SPECIAL DEAL: I am offering customs done by me for regals $35 and imperials for $40. This gets you the rank and what comes with it and a full digital reference sheet done by yours truly. A detailed ref would usually be $55 on its own.)

Dream Weavers have powers over dreams or nightmares each individual has rankings that differ in look and power level. Their feathered ears are used as wings for them to fly. The two Holy Dream weavers Turquoise and Magenta serve as the rulers of the species and guard over the rest. Magenta created the 'dream world' and her twin sister Turquoise created the paths to travel on. The two serve as a link between their dream world and the real world. Dream Weavers rarely travel out of the dream world preferring to stay in their own world, however only rankings Regal and above can leave the dream world. (More Lore may be yet to come)

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April 26, 2016
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